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KIDS - Kernel IDentify Source

So, you came across a kernel tree that you cannot identify. Perhaps because it was branched off a distributable tarball and thus lacking any git headers which would allow you to track the exact changes as they were made by the vendor.

Run the following command on your machine, and submit the results. Elves enslaved herein will attempt to figure out the most likely match.

cd /some/linux/tree/
sha1sum `find . -type f` | sort | uniq -w 40 > unique-code-fingerprints

Please don’t forget the sort|uniq steps - they are crucial for getting accurate results.

The database currently contains all official Linux-2.6 and Linux-3 tree releases. Please let me know which ones you would like to have indexed as well - the elves are fast and can handle some beating.

Feel free to contact me regarding the kernels you might want to see included in this database, bugs, features, and even (gasp!) chit-chat. The means to do so are listed on the right and in the comments below.